TEF brings the gas ⛽ to "My Train of Thoughts", Freestyle Fridays

"It's happening y'all!" TEF jumped in the Mercedes Sprinter and rode around the BX with Yady Winfrey for Freestyle Friday. TEF brought his Super Sayings to My Train of Thoughts, the first podcast ever on wheels! Watch the full episode & freestyle.

TEF brings the gas ⛽ to "My Train of Thoughts", Freestyle Fridays
TEF Chozen Few with Yady Winfrey, My Train of Thoughts Podcast

You know how a good friend will always offer gas money when you drive? Well TEF brings his own gas!

Yady's pimped out Mercedes Sprinter Van / studio / livingroom didn't have to pull over once to fill up, TEF Chozen Few kept that gas ⛽ flowing.

"Magneto, he not the one you should metal (meddle) with"
"Last time I seen him Slater was leaving Bayside,
Before College Dropout, think he was like Ye high"

Awww man! It's just way too many quotes to even get started. You are going to have to go listen yourself.

Freestyle begins at 2 minutes and 30 seconds

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