Freeze A Body

TEF re-assembles the Chozen Few Gang for his second studio album, "Freeze A Body"! Featuring some classic TEF storytelling in "Crystal Ball" or the return of Snub Hollow in the punchline heavy "Demon Weather". The Super Saiyan of rap is on another level with this one.

Freeze A Body
Cover by Miami Kaos
Freeze A Body by TEF Chozen Few is available in hi-def on Tidal! Download Now


  1. Crystal Ball
  2. Demon Weather (feat Snub Hollow & Kut A Check)
  3. Multiplayers
  4. Cobra Clutch (feat Shiitbagg)
  5. Nosey Neighbors (feat Shok P, Gloom God & Kerrito Bands)
  6. Ivan Drago
  7. City of Knights (feat Bump Tunez)

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Freeze a Body by TEF CHOZEN FEW
Album 路 2022 路 7 Songs
Freeze a Body
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Freeze a Body (Explicit)
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Crystal Ball, Demon Weather, Multiplayers
Freeze a Body
TEF CHOZEN FEW 路 Album 路 2022 路 7 songs.