Catch Up! FULL hour long TEF interview with CA$HOUT $QUAD

TEF gets on Clubhouse for the first time and Clavon from CA$HOUT $QUAD waste no time getting straight into talking about TEF getting started, to his years in the industry, DMX, & more!

Catch Up! FULL hour long TEF interview with CA$HOUT $QUAD
Photo by Dumblit

Been a minute since TEF opened up and did an interview. CA$HOUT $QUAD got TEF on Clubhouse and were able to get it all! From starting out, his home town of Neptune, top artists - plus all his years in the industry. If you need a TEF 101 or refresher course, this is it!

LIVE INTERVIEW: TEF Chozen Few talks New projects, Gillie Da King, DMX , Ryver Bey and more.
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